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Hammitt Schools

Hammitt Schools help kids whose emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs cannot be met in public school.

Since opening in 1971, Hammitt Schools have become a well-known leader in special education, providing services for children who require additional support. Kids aged 3-21 who need extra help with emotions, communication, social skills, and more can feel safe at Hammitt until they are ready to go back to public school or move on with new life skills. Hammitt Schools currently occupy two campuses, Hammitt School on Oglesby and Hammitt School on Willow.

Click here for parent and staff information for Hammitt School on Willow.
Click here for parent and staff information for Hammitt School on Oglesby.

Key Features of Hammitt Schools:

  • A highly structured, positive learning environment to build self-esteem and encourage success
  • Flexible curriculum based on each child's learning style and emotional needs
  • Small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Support services for families to create a strong home-school partnership
  • Strong connections with public school districts to ensure a smooth transition back to home schools
  • Summer educational services if needed
  • Monthly meetings to monitor treatment and behavior management to ensure quality services for children

Hammitt 01Our Approach

Hammitt School aims to make school a positive experience. The staff work with the child's public school, parents, and community stakeholders to give students a challenging education that prepares them for the next step. Hammitt's goal is to help students improve their behavior and emotions, do better in school, and return to public school. We encourage students to build good relationships at school, home, and in the community and develop their communication, cooperation, and learning skills.


Hammitt 03

Referral Process

Students are referred to Hammitt Schools through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from their local public school district. These plans focus on the need for more intensive special education services. Students come from public schools within a 60-mile area, including 40 school districts. Most students at Hammitt need extra help with emotional regulation, communication, and social skills. Many students are on the Autism Spectrum. Students may also have problems with family relationships, psychiatric treatment, a history of police involvement, and more. With individualized instruction and support services at Hammitt Elementary School, students gain the skills and motivation they need to learn effectively.


Hammitt 05Programming

Sensory activities, flexible seating, low student-to-teacher ratios, and outdoor time aid emotional regulation and relationship building. Services such as speech/language therapy and school nursing are provided as needed. The curriculum covers reading, writing, math, history, and science, with breaks for relaxation, following state standards and integrating emotional and behavioral therapy. Students also learn to monitor their well-being and make healthy choices, with physical education emphasizing lifelong health and wellness, and teachers using behavioral questions to enhance social and communication skills.


Hammitt 04Therapeutic Services

The therapy staff at Hammitt Schools provide counseling, crisis intervention, and other supports to students and their families. This team, made up of clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and master’s level therapists, helps all school staff with interventions for students. They assist teachers by collecting data, coordinating with other service providers, and using behavior strategies that fit the program's social learning model. They can take students out of class for one-on-one support to help them succeed in school. Additionally, they run weekly counseling groups to teach life and social skills needed at home and in the community.


Hammitt 02Family Support

Family Advocates work with the families of students at Hammitt Schools, meeting twice a month or more as needed. They act as a bridge between school and home, offering crucial support during tough times. They help with doctor appointments, connect families to community resources, and sometimes provide transportation. They also get supplies from Midwest Food Bank and provide them to families, including holiday food baskets, shopping with a hometown hero, and Christmas Wish Lists. When students move from high school to adult life, Family Advocates work with community agencies to build a support network for the family.


Current Needs

Hammitt Schools rely on support from the community to access supplies for children in need. Please consider donating supplies to help children grow into their best selves!

Current Needs for Hammitt School on Willow
Current Needs for Hammitt School on Oglesby



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