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Support Foster Children

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Mackenzie was just six years old when the judge removed her from her home. It was the most difficult time in her young life. She was anxious and afraid, and struggled to get through each school day. At night, Mackenzie often laid awake listening to the unfamiliar sounds of a new home. What would her future hold?

At The Baby Fold, our foster families are the real heroes in the lives of foster children like Mackenzie. They create safe and supportive environments for vulnerable children at their greatest time of need. Foster families may not be wealthy in terms of material possessions, but they are abundantly rich in qualities that matter most to hurting children – consistency, empathy, and love.


Do you have a heart for local children in foster care?



Meet Mateo

Mateo arrived to his new home around 9:00 p.m. on a Wednesday night with nothing but a trash bag with a few outfits, shoes, and his three match box cars. Children like Mateo need a sense of ownership and dignity, starting with their own piece of luggage. Your gift of $62 provides one piece of new luggage for a child’s belongings and restore their dignity.


Meet Brendan

Brendan is an active 12-year-old who just entered the foster care system. He was placed in the home a veteran foster family who want to give him socialization opportunities. For $895 you can give Brendan a year of extracurricular activities to improve his social skills and let him feel like a regular kid.


Meet Lia

Shannon and Liam want 7 year-old Lia to have a bedroom that feels like her own. Your gift of $215 will let Lia pick out her own comforter, bed sheets, pillow, lighting, and fun décor.



Meet Ashley

Ashley is a new foster mom to two young sisters and needs a new home safety kit that includes carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, and more. For just $127, you can help bring safety to a foster family.


Meet Amara

Terrance and Melissa are brand new foster parents who have opened their home to Amara, a local teen. Amara needs specialized therapy – that is not covered by insurance – to help heal from the neglect she endured. Can you give Amara 3 months of healing therapy for $1,800 or a year for $7,200 so her heart can heal?


Meet Devraj

Josie and Alex have three biological children and recently welcomed Devraj into their home. They’ve been saving for a summer vacation for years and are almost there. They want Devraj to be a part of this experience and know he will benefit from this family bonding opportunity. Your gift of $2,750 will allow the entire family to further strengthen the healing relationships they have already begun building.



There are local families who already foster a child and want to welcome another, but lack the funding needed to upgrade from a sedan to a minivan in order to have enough seating.

You can ease the burden on foster children and families.

We typically serve around 110 foster children each year. Currently, there are 167 foster children in our care – more than ever before in our history. So, every gift makes a difference. Thank you for keeping the children at The Baby Fold in your thoughts.

Click here to support a foster child today.


“I think God designed us to give and help… As much as we try to enjoy fulfillment in different things, when we can truly help someone else, that gives us a sense….of joy that’s hard to find other places.”

“Children need to feel safety; they need to feel that there are people looking out for them – that the adults in their life are providing safe physical and psychological boundaries for them. They probably have a story behind their fear.”

“The first couple of months are always really hard because every case is different, every child is different, and they’re all kids who need love.”


Interested in becoming a Foster Parent?

We need heroes like you to help support children in foster care. Click here to learn how you can Be A Hero to a Foster Child today.


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