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Reimagine Hammitt School

Our Children Need Your Help.

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Central Illinois relies on The Baby Fold's Hammitt School for expert special education. Students from 24 school districts throughout Central Illinois are referred by their local public school district to The Baby Fold's Hammitt Schools when their severe emotional, behavioral and/or communicative needs exceed what their public school can provide.

At The Baby Fold, teacher-therapists provide a highly supportive learning environment, individualized curriculums, and therapeutic interventions to help children achieve social and academic success and when appropriate, return to their public school.

However, after using the same building for 60 years, Hammitt School is in need of touch-ups and remodels to keep its standard of one of the highest ranking special education schools. Our children need your support to maintain a safe and comfortable school life.

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You Can Make An Impact.

A Child and his teacher sharing a hug


The Reimagine Hammitt project signifies The Baby Fold’s ongoing commitment to providing an excellent special education experience for our community’s children. The undertaking encompasses a comprehensive refresh of our 60-year-old facility and includes updating classrooms, therapeutic and sensory spaces, parking, exterior and recreational areas, and more.

The project’s impact goes well beyond aesthetics. Investing in the spaces where children heal, grow, and learn, fosters their sense of belonging and pride, positively impacting their engagement levels. Additionally, the renovations will enhance The Baby Fold’s ability to attract and retain high-quality educators to serve our special needs student population.

Providing for immediate needs of staff and students, the Reimagine Hammitt project bridges the divide to a future, more long-term solution.

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You Can Help.

painting - $92,000 - includes painting the interiors of Hammitt on Willow, including classrooms and the gymnasium   carpet - $51,941 - Includes purchase and installation of carpet around the school   Parking Lot Expansion - $43,687 - Includes the redesign and repaving of the Willow Street parking lot to add mcuh-needed spaces for teachers and staff.

Painting of Randle Hall - $26,281 - Includes the painting of Randle Hall which houses academic offices and meeting spaces.  External painting: $20,530 Internal painting: $5,751   Painting Exterior Fire Escape - $25,156 - includes painting of exterior fire escape, roof access, and attached enclosed porch.   Kitchen Appliances - $21,063 - Includes 2 industrial freezers ($7,634 each) and one refrigerator ($5,795) to prepare nutritious and healthy meals for students and teachers.

DONATED! Occupational Therapy Space and Gym - $12,857 -Includes outfitting occupational space with equipment for motor development ($,7,717) and sound-absorbing acoustic panels and divider curtain for gymnasium ($5,140)   Classrooms for children with autism - $9,154 each -  includes desks, chairs, flexible seating, storage, and sensory supplies for classrooms serving children on the Autism Spectrum. Four classrooms needed, $36,616 total.   Classrooms for children with emotional/developmental needs- $6,045 each -  includes desks, chairs, flexible seating, storage, and sensory supplies for classrooms serving children with emotional and/or developmental needs. Four classrooms needed, $24,180 total.

Student Art Boards - $4,300 -  Includes fifteen 4x8 foot corkboards and magnetic whiteboards to display student creativity.   Mission and Vision Branding - $3,397 - Includes vinyl signage that proudly displays the Hammitt School mission, vision, and value statements.    Lockdown Blackout Shades for Classrooms - $1,418 - Includes outfitting the entire school with blackout window shades to protect students and staff in the event of a lockdown.

Water Fountain Replacement - $1,230 ea - Includes purchasing and installing new drinking fountains bringing fresh, filtered water for students and staff. Four fountains needed, $4,920 total.

Thank you for investing in the wellbeing and success of special needs students and staff at Hammitt School.
Your support ensures that our community's children receive expert care today and for generations to come.

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Visit our Giving Page! Click to be redirected. There are many different ways to make your gift. Visit our giving page to learn more about the opportunities available.  Recommend a Grant from your Donor Advised Fund - Donor Advised Funds are considered one of the fastest growing charitable giving vehicles in the United States.  

Gift of Stock or IRA Charitable Rollover - The Baby Fold is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our tax identification number is 37-0673453  Write a Check - Make check payable to "The Baby Fold" and mail to The Baby Fold, 108 E. Willow St., Normal, IL 61761. Please include "Reimagine Hammitt" in the memo line.

For assistance in making an impactful gift, contact Sam Guillory, Vice President of Development and Public Relations, at (309) 451-7202 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Hammitt on Willow has been successfully serving students for over 60 years. Here are some things students and parents have to say about Hammitt School:

Quote from Hammitt Parent: "Hammitt is Amazing. Without them I'm not sure my son would be making such big leaps of progress."


“I cannot say enough amazing things about Hammitt. My kiddo is in his 13th year there and has grown into such a smart, capable, and compassionate young man thanks to the wonderful staff and friends there. Thank you.” -Jennifer B.

“[Thank you to] Miss T.C. for always helping me throughout the years with speech skills; I could not have learned to speak without her.” – Student

“My son was in the early stages of the Challenges program when it began at Hammitt. At that time students aged out at 16 years of age. That school and its programs [were] a lifesaver for [him] and my wife and I.” -Darrin H.

quote - "My son is on the autism spectrum. My son is home with us. That could never have happened without you."

“Hammitt is such a wonderful school. Thanks to all of the staff who keeps coming in day after day.”

“Thank you all!! I am just so grateful for all that you do for these kids, your services are so needed and the job so difficult, and your impact is so great!”

“Without you my son would never be where he is now! Much gratitude for your staff and their dedication and love for their students!" –L.L.

“You all continue to give so much of yourselves to our kids, their families, and EACH OTHER !!! Heroes for sure!”

“We knew The Baby Fold did many wonderful things for children and families, but yesterday our eyes were opened as to the magnitude of your work.” -Dianne W.

“My son is on the autism spectrum. Baby Fold has been a huge blessing in our lives. We can never repay the debt we owe your organization. Thank you for what you do for families” -Rhonda. S.

"I am so happy that Hammitt School has thrived and expanded since I was there."

Quote - "This program changed my life"





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