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Baskets of Blessings

For your convenience, there are 2 ways you can adopt Baskets of Blessings:

1) Fund-A-Basket and let us shop locally for you 

Want to give a child of The Baby Fold hope for a brighter future without leaving your home? Then let us shop for you!  Click here to provide the funding needed to fulfill a child's basket of blessings then sit back, relax, and we'll take care of the rest. You support local kids and local businesses at the same time! 

Click here to bless a child of The Baby Fold, because children need to know they're loved! 

2) Adopt-A-Basket and shop for kids 

Choose who you want to bless, explore their list of needs, and select however many items from the list you feel called to adopt! 

Put the items in a basket and drop off your Basket of Blessings at The Baby Fold at 108 E Willow St in Normal Monday - Friday between 9am-5pm.  Contact Sam Guillory at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (309) 451-7202 with questions. 

Each of these blessings are supplementary school curriculums that are outside of Hammitt School's budget. Each curriculum was personally selected by Teacher Therapists to help the students in their classrooms learn academic, social-emotional, and vocational education skills. 

We need 1 of each of the following curriculums. Please contact Sam at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (309) 451-7202 if you are adopting one of these curriculums, so we can keep our list of blessings up to date. 

Classroom 10, Miss Anna’s Room
Geography Curriculum
Biology – Cells Curriculum
World War II Curriculum
Morning Meeting Slides, A Full Year’s Worth of Slides  
Daily Question Slides for SEL (Social Emotional Learning)
Job Skills and Employment Readiness Curriculum
Reading Curriculum with Picture of the Day
Grammar Curriculum – Activities, Presentations, Task Cards, and more!
Reading Literature Curriculum  
Math Curriculum 

Classroom 11, Miss Emily’s Room:
Geography Curriculum for Special Education with Workbooks and Adapted Books
Science Curriculum for Special Education with Science Experiments 
Vocational Work for Special Education
Job Skills Lessons
U.S. History Curriculum for special education – 1775-1991
U.S. History Curriculum – Colonial America through Modern Day
Solar System Unit for special education
Volcano Mini-Unit for special education
Science Study Cards
Science Common Core Curriculum
Functional Life Skills Curriculum for special education 

Classroom 12, Miss Shayna's Room:
Essential Skills for High School Book
Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
Job Skills and Employment Readiness Lessons
Physical Science Full Year Curriculum
World Geography Curriculum
U.S. History Curriculum
Grammar Lessons Core Curriculum  

Classroom 13, Miss Muna’s Room:
Reading Analysis Worksheets
Guided Reading Curriculum- Because of Winn Dixie
Novel Study Curriculum – Because of Winn Dixie
Literature Study Curriculum – A Wrinkle in Time
Chapter Book Reading Quizzes – Bridge to Terabithia
Chapter Book Study Guide – Bridge to Terabithia
High School Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
Career Development Curriculum
Story Analysis Worksheets – A Dog Called Homeless
Story Reading Comprehension Worksheets – A Dog Called Homeless
Book Study Curriculum – A Dog Called Homeless

These blessings are for our Community Schools program! Our Community Schools students can use an unlimited number of these blessings.  

Weighted lap pads for kids - like this or this 
Weighted neck wraps for kids - like this or this
Zippered bags
Reading Resources send-home book bags
Sweatpants (boys and girls sizes 5-10) 

These blessings are for Hammitt Elementary School. Our Hammitt Elementary School students can use an unlimited number of these blessings. 

Sidewalk chalk
Dry-erase boards and markers
Boys socks, all sizes
Wired headphones
Pop-it Fidget Toys 
Therapeutic Putty
Children's bubblegum toothpaste and toothbrushes 

These blessings are for our Hammitt Junior-Senior High School Students! Our students can use an unlimited number of these blessings. 

Speech and Language Needs: 
Social Situation Language development cards
Social Skills Game 
Card Game, to help social skill development 

Counseling Needs: 
STEM kits (2 needed) 
Communication cards
Liquid Sensory Tool
Liquid Floor Tiles
Sensory Fidgets 
Mindfulness Game 
Sorry Board Game 
Conversation Cubes 
Answer Buzzers 
Self-Esteem Journals for Teen Girls (2 needed) 
Therapeutic Putty (multiple needed) 
Kinetic Sand
Tempera paint sticks
Small Lego sets (multiple)

Teacher Therapist Needs: 
Intex beanless bag chairs (3 needed) 
Balance Ball Chair
Therapeutic Putty (multiple needed) 
Pencils (multiple needed)
Pink Erasers
Construction paper (multiple needed) 
Pinewood derby supplies
Teenager coloring books
High-interest low readability books
Chair pockets (multiple needed) 
Paper mate ink gel pens
Weighted lap pad for kids (multiple needed) 
Checkers board game
Decks of cards  
Paints and canvases
Air Dry Clay (for creating/sculpting)
Markers (all kinds)

These blessings are for our Healthy Start program! Our babies and new parents can use an unlimited number of these blessings.  

Pack & Plays
Bouncy Seats
Baby Monitors
Car Seats
Baby Bottles
Sippy Cups
Infant/toddler toothbrushes (shaped like bananas)
Baby eczema cream
Velcro swaddle blankets
Sleep Sacks

 Thank you for blessing the children of The Baby Fold!  

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