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Autism Services

Hammitt School’s Strive Program began in 1993 with one classroom. Presently, the Strive Program consists of six classrooms – three at Hammitt Elementary and three at Hammitt Junior-Senior High School. The program is designed to meet the needs of students with autism and/or severe communication disorders who cannot be served successfully in a less restrictive classroom setting. We serve children from ages 3 to 21.

Programming is determined individually for each student. At the Elementary level, we enable students to increase their language and communication skills which improve their acquisition of skills in all areas – social, emotional, behavioral, and academic. We deliver academic instruction and positive behavior intervention based on each child’s developmental and sensory profile, need for specialized language and communication supports, as well as their unique emotional and social interaction needs. The Strive Program promotes the social and emotional growth of the students in acquiring prosocial skills and independent functioning. With growth in these areas across settings, the students will be able to successfully return to a less restrictive setting.

The Strive programming continues to be individualized at the Junior-Senior High School. The students’ language and communication skills remain a focus. The Program strives to enhance a positive behavior change and independent functioning of students by utilizing community-based learning environments for the acquisition of functional daily living and vocational skills. The staff works closely with parents to facilitate a successful transition to adulthood.

Referral Process

Students are referred to Hammitt Schools by their local public school district, through the IEP process, based on their need for more intensive special education services to achieve success in school. Please contact your public school’s social worker or another staff person for more information.


Supervising Teacher Therapist (Strive)
(309) 451-7215


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